Ticket Pricing Guide

Explore our tailored ticket options for ISPAH Congress 2024, crafted to ensure every attendee enjoys a comprehensive and engaging experience. From students to professionals, we offer a range of accessible pricing to suit diverse needs and preferences.

Ticket Pricing Guide

Discover our range of pricing options for the ISPAH Congress 2024, featuring both Early Bird rates, available for a limited time until July 22, 2024, and Regular pricing. Use the filters to select the ticket categories that best suit your needs to find out the most suitable price for attending the congress.

To understand your classification and access tailored pricing, you can also utilise the World Bank Country Selector tool provided below. Remember, purchasing congress tickets as an ISPAH member offers the most advantageous rates!

Should you need any advice or support regarding the pricing options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Country ClassificationMembership TypeTicket TypeISPAH MembershipPrice
All classificationsAll typesOne Day PassAll$355
High Income CountryProfessionalFull EventMember$830
Middle Income CountryProfessionalFull EventMember$530
Low Income CountryProfessionalFull EventMember$480
High Income CountryProfessionalFull EventNon-Member$1080
Middle Income CountryProfessionalFull EventNon-Member$640
Low Income CountryProfessionalFull EventNon-Member$530
High Income CountryRetiredFull EventMember$510
Middle Income CountryRetiredFull EventMember$435
Low Income CountryRetiredFull EventMember$380
High Income CountryRetiredFull EventNon-Member$600
Middle Income CountryRetiredFull EventNon-Member$510
Low Income CountryRetiredFull EventNon-Member$400
High Income CountryStudentFull EventMember$510
Middle Income CountryStudentFull EventMember$435
Low Income CountryStudentFull EventMember$380
High Income CountryStudentFull EventNon-Member$600
Middle Income CountryStudentFull EventNon-Member$510
Low Income CountryStudentFull EventNon-Member$400

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Country ClassificationMembership TypeTicket TypeISPAH MembershipPrice
All classificationsAll typesOne Day PassAll$455
High Income CountryProfessionalFull EventMember$930
Middle Income CountryProfessionalFull EventMember$630
Low Income CountryProfessionalFull EventMember$580
High Income CountryProfessionalFull EventNon-Member$1180
Middle Income CountryProfessionalFull EventNon-Member$740
Low Income CountryProfessionalFull EventNon-Member$630
High Income CountryRetiredFull EventMember$610
Middle Income CountryRetiredFull EventMember$535
Low Income CountryRetiredFull EventMember$480
High Income CountryRetiredFull EventNon-Member$700
Middle Income CountryRetiredFull EventNon-Member$610
Low Income CountryRetiredFull EventNon-Member$500
High Income CountryStudentFull EventMember$610
Middle Income CountryStudentFull EventMember$535
Low Income CountryStudentFull EventMember$480
High Income CountryStudentFull EventNon-Member$700
Middle Income CountryStudentFull EventNon-Member$610
Low Income CountryStudentFull EventNon-Member$500

World Bank Country Classification Check

Welcome to the ISPAH World Bank Country Classification Check. This tool helps you determine your country’s income level—low, medium, or high—according to World Bank guidelines. Understanding your country’s classification is essential for choosing the correct ISPAH Congress ticket category. Just enter your country of residence for a quick and accurate classification.

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